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Airports are obligated to only give access to the secured "airside" area to people holding a valid boarding pass for a flight departing the same day. This check can be executed manually by airport staff or automatically by Gunnebo's much faster and more efficient Pre-Check gates. Whether a passenger is holding a boarding pass printed at home, from the airport check-in kiosk or uses a smart phone the scanners in Gunnebo's gates can read any form of boarding pass and are fast and reliable.The boarding pass, together with additional credentials like frequent flyer cards, must be presented and scanned by passengers before entering secured location operated by an airline or by the airport.This procedure is normally executed by an agent, but of course can be executed conveniently and quickly by passengers themselves using an Access gate. The Access gate, connected to the database of the respective airline or lounge operator, provides the self-service that frequent travelers are used to and expect from a modern airport.