We Provide The Complete Automation Solution

There are seven stages in a typical automation project. Working together with you and/or your preferred contractor, we help you through every stage of the project, from developing the scope of works to on-going support, depending on your requirements and budget.

1. Develop The Scope Of Work

A detailed scope of work is the foundation of every successful home automation project. First, we talk about the wide range of possibilities of home automation, because one cannot make informed decisions until one understands what is possible.After discussing requirements and aspirations, we prepare the scope of work. We take into account budget and aesthetic preferences, along with functionality, energy efficiency and future technological needs.


2. Design & Documentation

After liaising with the other involved professionals (architect and interior designer for example), we produce detailed specifications for the work, complete the plans detailing the location of all services, cabling requirements and layouts.

3. Cabling & Infrastructure Installation – Rough In

At this stage, our installation team and/or your EST installs the electrical, lighting, audio visual, communications, data cabling, and infrastructure.


4. Project Management

Throughout the cabling and infrastructure installation, we support and liaise with the electrician, designers and other trades-people e.g. architects, builders, landscape architects, interior designers, plumbers and security contractors.
It is our job to help the designers, builders and contractors understand the exact requirements of the infrastructure and systems to be installed, and keep you up to date too. This ensures the home automation systems are implemented to the highest standard.

5. Product Selection & Installation

This is the stage where final product selection is made focusing the established guidelines. We believe system components (e.g. lighting or video projectors) should be chosen now and on the basis of functionality, performance, reliability and aesthetics. We offer a broad range of great products from many product manufacturers, which means we will always recommend the best products for your requirements and budget. Considering budget, we will supply you with the finest products available on the market, and the most cost-effective solution.
Once the gear selection has been made, the chosen system components are purchased, installed, programmed and commissioned. At the completion of this stage, the entire home automation system is ready for handover.


6. Handover & Tuition

Obviously, it is crucial that the client understand how to get the best from their new home automation system. At this exciting stage we handover the finished system and explain its operation to the owner. Once they have lived in their new home for a while we often return to fine-tune the system to better fit their lifestyle with little tweaks making the system perfectly match the clients expectations.

7. On-going Support & Maintenance

All our systems are tried and tested before handover. However there can always be occasional failures and hurdles. Therefore, we offer a wide range of warranty and support options, from our comprehensive standard warranty to client tailored maintenance agreements. We also offer a plan for systems upgrades, as and when the client wants them.
From the beginning right to the end it’s just about exceeding expectations. Everyone’s expectations.